When inspiration sparks from a cardboard box

Chacha and Lily were born in a small garden in Taichung, Beitooooo, during the winter of 2015. The brother and sister lost their parents and were found by the neighbors when they were only two months old. After this they stayed in a shelter where we met them before Christmas. We then took Chacha and Lily back to Taipei with us.

At first, Lily (the sister) didn’t eat or drink for nearly three days. She curled up in a corner of the bed because she couldn’t take the new environment after her trip North. We took her to the vet, gave her medicine, tried everything we could, but nothing worked. Chacha (the brother), who seemed very worried, stayed next to Lily and had no spirit.

We were so concerned and tried to seek advice from people who had experience with cats. Who could save our babies? A friend of ours had an idea and told us to give her a cardboard box. We found an old box, just to give it a try. Poor little weak Lily went inside that box by herself. After an hour, she got our and started eating the food we had prepared next to her. The cardboard box saved our Lily! Since then, our family has an everlasting bond with cardboard boxes.



We then put another cardboard box next to the first one. That mini-compound became the cat’s headquarters to spy on us from. Subsequently, the structure was expended with a tower, a restroom, a secret chamber and a playground. Eventually, we got stuck: the cardboard from which their little fort was made of turned out to be too fragile. Plus, when they got to us, the boxes we used arrived either damaged or wet. Not to mention the variety of shape and sizes made it difficult to match them. In the end, the neat little compound we were trying to make for them looked more like a slum…

Therefore, we started to look for a viable replacement but couldn’t find the ideal product. Besides, the designs we did find were either not to our taste, or too expensive, or just wrong. Being architects, we decided to design ourselves a cat house that would become the first product coming out of A Cat Thing. Our cat house is modular, simple, pretty and safe. We can finally get rid of the small slum in our home, and now we’d like to introduce our cat house to you.